Hell’s Bay Skate

John picked up this nice little Hell’s Bay Skate in Texas, dropped it off at Hells Bay Boatworks, and had it completely redone. I have to say this Skate looks fabulous. John Just got it back and has it out twice so far. As far as we know only ten of these boats were made and this is a rare find. John equipped it with a brand new Suzuki Outboard and it is now in the break-in period. Here are some initial pictures for now and more to come on this little boat in the future.

hells bay skate 1

hells bay skate 2

hells bay skate 3

hells bay skate 4

hells bay skate 5


3-TAND Fly Reel Review

Being a fly shop owner has its perks for sure. I always get to test out the new toys. Not always do I keep the toys, but in the case of the 3-TAND T-90 and T-120 those reels are staying in my boat. I primarily fly and it is on rare occasion that I pick up a spinning rod anymore. Not that spinning rods are bad in anyway, I just prefer to challenge myself in all that I do. I use several different types of conveyances to fish…paddle board, skiff, and of course kayak. When I use a SUP of Kayak my reel always finds its way to the salty water. Having that in mind I never worry because that 3-TAND is completely sealed. I am hard on my equipment and abuse it just to see how much it can take before failing. I want to know these things so I can tell my customers at the store just how well a product works. I can tell you that the 3-TAND can take some abuse. I have been using the T-90 for about a year now and have rarely cleaned it, or cared for it in anyway. I have dunked it, dropped it, and left in the back of my truck after fishing with it and not washing it for days on end. It has never failed to perform flawlessly. The reel has seen countless fish, being dragged, and placed on the muddy sandy shoreline. Not one issue ever.

12 wt Captain Steve Hall John Howe Redfish
When you hold the reel it feels solid and there is no cheap feeling like you get when you hold some reels that are mass produced off shore. The tolerances are tight and the drag is smooth yet hard at the same time. Upon visual inspection of the sealed drag system the user can tell that this reel company has spared no expense and the quality shows. This reel host a Nano Carbon Fiber Drag System which essentially is a Nano resin coating on the Carbon Fiber Drag Discs this is what makes the reel so smooth.

3-tand reel exposed tarpon steve hall 3-tand Trout Reflection for Web Captain Steve Hall
The creator of this reel company Rob Koelewyn has had other companies such as Van Staal and Zee Baas ,both which proved to be extremely successful brands based on quality and craftsmanship. The 3-TAND brand has followed in the footsteps of its predecessors. 3-TAND offers and even lighter version of the reels in the TF series for those that expect ultra lightweight stream set ups. 3-TAND offers a limited lifetime warranty for its reels and that is why I love to sell them to consumers at my store. Selling items that offer quality with a guarantee, that is what I like at my store. For more information on the 3-TAND pricing and specs visit http://3-tand.com/

My Review of the Dragonfly 17 Grand Slam Skiff

This is a short look at the new 2014 Dragonfly 17 Grand Slam Skiff.  I have found after years of driving boats and being paid part of my life to drive a Law Enforcement Boat that there is not one perfect boat.  The old beauty is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind.  I personally love my new Dragonfly Grand Slam it does everything that I want.  It runs through a heavy chop, poles in skinny water, and has tons of storage for gear.  I know that I am happy with my choice.  If you want to test ride the Grand Slam contact me or take a look at http://www.dragonflyboatworksllc.com/



Dragonfly Boatworks Grand Slam 17 Review from Steve Hall on Vimeo.